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Sugary Snicket, as many of you might know, began with fanfiction as a start to her writing career. Nowadays, she's still writing fanfiction, but not for what she once was. Here, you'll find all her more recent work; it's all mostly from 2006 onward, but there is the odd story from mid to late 2005 as well. All fandom names are listed in alphabetical order, and all works under those fandoms are also listed in alphabetical order for the ease of the reader. Titles beginning with "The" are alphabetized by the first letter of the next word in the title instead.

If you're looking for her older work, visit the Archives.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • A Series of Yuletide Events (Original DOP: 12/8/06): A set of four Yuletide tales that take place in the Snicketverse. Holiday stories. Rated K+.
  • Broken Shards (Original DOP: 4/6/06): The Baudelaires return to the ruins of their house after being told of their parents' deaths. Songfic to Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Rated K+ for some brief strong language.
  • Hooked on You (Original DOP: 4/16/06): The Hook-Handed Man, or Hooky for short, goes on a hot date with the girl of his dreams. A little foray into the world of romantic comedy. Rated K+.
  • Hypnotica (Original DOP: 2/19/06): Klaus' horrifying experiences with hypnosis through his eyes, as seen in Book the Fourth, The Miserable Mill. Rated K+ for some mild thematic elements.
  • It's A Wonderful Life, Klaus (Original DOP: 12/23/07): A Yuletide story of Klaus Baudelaire, who discovers one freezing winter's night on Mount Fraught that his sisters need him far more than he knows... Crossover of ASOUE and It's A Wonderful Life. Holiday story. Rated K+.
  • Losing Ike (Original DOP: 4/1/06): How Aunt Josephine lost Ike and spiraled into paranoia. Rated T for violent death.
  • Reflections (Original DOP: 8/17/05): Five years after the end of ASOUE, Klaus reflects on the past, the present, and the future of himself and his siblings. Was once a plausible end to the series, but is now outdated and therefore A/U. Rated K.

Batman/The Dark Knight Trilogy

  • Anarchy Purple, Chaos Green (Original DOP: 12/9/09): The Joker... as a synesthete. A slightly A/U foray into a Joker of several different colors. More a literary romp for me than for you, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Rated K+.
  • Apocalyptic Gotham: Three Experiments in Anarchy (Original DOP: 4/17/10): "It is the natural tendency of a system to move towards increasing chaos and disorder." So reads the Second Law of Thermodynamics. When Gotham City is the system and the Joker is the catalyst, the ensuing chemical reaction can quickly spiral out of control. These three allegorical one-shots tell the tale of a Gotham under fire, one destroyed by its own instability. Put on your safety goggles, class, it's going to be volatile. This fic was once titled "Entropy", but now has changed to reflect more than that one story. Rated K+ for some mild language. A/U.
  • Awaken (Original DOP: 8/19/12): Some rise from the ashes of tragedy. Some fall down the spiral of madness. Some carry their past with them as a reminder of vengeance sought. Some run so far from it they forget it entirely. Some escape from torment as heroes. Others escape as villains. This is a possible origin story for a blended Joker, inspired by a nice little piece of art I saw on a Joker fan blog of all things. Hope you enjoy this little vignette - it was fun getting inspired by a bolt from the blue! Rated T for thematic content and self-injury. WARNING: Only adding this to be safe, but this story may trigger self-injurers.
  • Discord (Original DOP: 4/4/10): The Joker is bored one night while wandering the Narrows, hoping to find a kill. What he finds instead is a beautiful woman with a murderous secret. And here... we... GO! Rated T for strong language, some mild violence and knifeplay, and sexual innuendos.
  • Dreaming (Original DOP: 8/15/11): "There once was a Harlequin Girl / Who gave love with a madman a whirl. / She made a poor choice, / And thus lost her voice / As her mind with her heartstrings unfurled." A first shot at writing Harley Quinn, as well as tackling her relationship with the Joker. Rated K+, but there is implied abuse though nobody actually gets hurt "on-screen", so to speak. WARNING: May be triggering for those who have suffered physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
  • Irony (Original DOP: 11/12/10): You sure know how to get yourself into the stickiest of situations, don't you? Right place. Right time. Wrong person. What is it like to laugh yourself to death? Oh, but you already know that, don't you? One-shot; written in the Second Person POV and is in fact my first attempt at doing so. Takes place in the DCU, no cameos. Rated T for somewhat frightening imagery.
  • The Joke's On You (Original DOP: 6/6/09): Some Dark Knight stories might end with the hero saving themselves or being saved by Batman. This is not that story. This is the sad tale of how one man's attempt to become a hero ended in a tragic and gruesome death at the hands of one of Gotham's most deranged and ruthless killers... Rated T for thematic elements and implied strong violence.
  • The Neighborhood (Original DOP: 1/29/12):  Robert Clearwater, a novelist who roams place to place in search of new stories, has recently moved to Gotham City with his family in the hopes of gathering inspiration for his newest story. The only odd thing about his new life is the strange next door neighbor in the abstract-looking house that likes to wear purple suits. After his curiosity gets the better of him, Robert finds himself thrown into an uneasy contract with one of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals, where any attempt to escape results in certain death for him and his family. Little does he know what kind of mind games his grinning neighbor will play with him… Rated T for language, thematic elements, and some violence. Multi-chaptered.
  • Pteridophyta (Original DOP: 4/9/13): A teensy little Poison Ivy vignette I wrote to practice descriptive writing. The title is the name for the phylum of the Plant Kingdom that contains the shade-loving ferns. One-Shot. Rated K.
  • Ringmaster (Original DOP: 8/21/09): A series of semi-drabbles all about the Joker's choice of attire. Better than it sounds. One-Shot with shades of Drabble. Rated T for very dark subject matter and implied torture.
  • Resuscitate (Original DOP: 2/15/10): A nurse who witnesses a brutal crash on a cold winter day goes to see if the driver is alright, only to discover the Joker out cold and in dire need of medical attention. Her CPR course never said anything about this! The question is, will she - and should she - resuscitate? Takes place in the DCU, and there's a Harley Quinn cameo! Rated T for some menace and mentions of semi-graphic injury.
  • Smile (Original DOP: 1/11/09): The Joker has a scar story to tell, and it's not what you think. A possible origin for the Joker that isn't one of his little scar stories, because we all know how much of a lying bastard the Joker is. :) Also, there's a brief Scarecrow cameo in this one. Rated T for strong violence and gore, and some language.
  • The Telephone Game (Original DOP: 3/29/10): A young college girl puts out a personal ad in the Gotham Times in the hopes of snagging the man of her dreams. Instead, she gets a long, horrible night with the man of her nightmares. Consider this a counter-attack to the kind of story I ranted about in this blog entry. My first M-rated story, rated for sexual violence, stylized rape, and strong language. NOT for readers under 18 years old. WARNING: This story could potentially be triggering to those who have been sexually abused.
  • Ten Cuts (original DOP: 5/15/10): There are things far worse than death, and the Joker knows how to use every single one of them to torture a man... When Brandon Cassidy, a young mob boss, hires the Joker to play hitman for him and can't repay the debt, the Joker decides to compromise: ten days of agony and torture in exchange for the ten days it took for the Joker to finally put the target six feet under. What follows is a horrific nightmare that even a hardened mob boss could never survive unscathed. One-shot, Twisted!Joker. Rated M for torture and strong gore, along with some language. DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF BLOOD AND GORE MAKES YOU SQUEAMISH.
  • The Terminal (Original DOP: 1/21/11): You never know who you'll meet on the city bus, or what they might do... One-shot, First Person POV. Takes place in the DCU, no cameos. Rated T for a single scene of blood and gore, and thematic elements.
  • Why? So Serious! (Original DOP: 10/25/09): The Joker gives his twisted opinion on taking Life, the lack of Liberty, and the Pursuit of Madness. Rated K+ for language and some alluded violence.


  • Bind (Original DOP: 11/30/07): Sirrus returns to Narayan, only to discover that the past can easily return to haunt a man, and when the past is a person whom one left stranded, one can easily find themselves trapped in a net of suspense and peril... Crossover of Myst and Cask of Amontillado. A/U. Rated T for terrifying subject matter and some violence.
  • Clockwork (Original DOP: 4/19/08): Insanity is like broken clockwork - always ticking, yet never ending, never on track, and never stable... A vignette for Saavedro. Rated K+.
  • Know Your Myst Stars (Original DOP: 11/21/06): Atrus writes a new age and shows it to his friend, the Stranger. Unfortunately, through a series of events, he and several other Myst characters find themselves trapped in said age, and to make things worse, they all have to deal with an annoying voice taunting them over the intercom. Very, very silly, and includes an appearance of just about every Myst character I could think to put in. Crossover of Myst and the Know Your Stars segment from All That. Rated T for a brief scene of torture, but otherwise nothing seriously dark.
  • Locusani: Saavedro's Tale (Original DOP: 7/30/07): Locusani is a tale of hatred, revenge, and injustice. It is the tale of one man's determination to survive, one that began even before that of Myst. And now, you shall witness it through his eyes... Rated T for subject matter, thematic elements, a scene of torture, and mild to medium violence. Locusani also has its own website.
  • Locusani: Revilani (Original DOP: 6/23/09): Saavedro may have survived his exile, but the story's not over yet. There are other ways the lattice roots might have grown, other paths his story might have taken. After all, fate is a fragile thing, and the slightest change can alter it forever. A/U. Rated T for subject matter, thematic elements, a brief scene of described gore, and mild to medium violence. Revilani also has its own page on the Locusani website.
  • The Tangled Vines We Weave (Original DOP: 6/8/07): The Stranger and Saavedro find themselves trapped behind the shield on Narayan... for real. Great tension ensues, and the funny thing about tension is that it tends to bring out the worst in people... A/U. Rated K+ for some violence.

Phantom of the Opera

Just a note here - most, if not all, of my PotO stories are based upon the original novel by Gaston Leroux. That means that while I may allude to the film or musical, the story will not be centered around those universes. My Erik looks like a living corpse, my Christine has blonde hair and is a little smarter than Musical!Christine is, and my Raoul isn't a gigantic wuss. If you have a problem with any of this, I suggest that you shut up and go read the original novel before you start asking questions. And before you ask, no I have not read the Kay novel and I don't plan to, and no I have not seen LND. Thank you.

  • Aria (Original DOP: 6/6/09): "If music be the food of love, play on." So wrote William Shakespeare many decades ago, and such is the basis for this E/C fluff story. Shortly after seeing his sleeping student's face for the first time, Erik decides to immortalize her the only way he knows how - in song. Takes place slightly before the events of PotO. Rated K.
  • Box Five (Original DOP: 9/8/09): There is nothing to fear but fear itself. So believes Anabelle Leblanc, the opinionated daughter of a rich entrepreneur. But when she encounters a certain opera ghost, she discovers just what fear itself really is. Rated K+ for some scenes that may be frightening to young children.

Slenderman Mythos/Fear Mythos

One little note on this section: this section is mostly for Fear and Slenderman short stories and Creepypastas, but there are links here lead to stories that are actually blogs or blogpastas. Because of this, I will warn you only once - any and all stories of that type that I write that get linked here are IN-CHARACTER IN THAT STORY AND ONLY IN THAT STORY. Please do not carry over In-Game behavior to this site, as this site and my blog here, Musings, is Out Of Game and that means that neither the Slenderman nor any other Fears are real around here. If I catch anyone posting in-game anywhere on this site, you will be blocked and your comments will be deleted as spam. In addition, please DO NOT gamejack, that's not fair to me or to any other fans playing. If you want to cross over, connect with, or otherwise use any Fear Mythos or Slenderman Mythos story of mine, blog or otherwise, you're welcome to, but ask me for permission first and give me credit if it's a short story. If you fail to talk with me before doing this or if you post in character here, I will have some very strong words for you once I do get in touch with you. So please, behave appropriately on my website, and we can all get along just fine. Thanks, and happy reading! ^w^
  • Aftermath (Original DOP: 3/20/13): But being taken was not the end. Not yet. A short story based upon a Fear Mythos ARG I participated in during March of 2013, and which centers around the protagonist character I played in it. Three-shot, AU (technically), Fear Mythos. Rated T for some language.
  • Anna (Original DOP: 1/14/13): "It all started one winter's night in 1995..." A man searching for his daughter, Anna, who is lost in a snowstorm, is he himself found by something... This short Slenderman Creepypasta was written in response to a terrible Creepypasta I once read that delved into Mary-Sue turf, and... I won't even get into it here. One-shot, Creepypasta. Rated K+ for the obvious creepy content. Yes, you are allowed to post this elsewhere as a Creepypasta if you want.
  • Breaking The Waves (Original DOP: 6/22/13): Micheal Strohde is a shark-watching Floridian who loves life, his girlfriend Mami, and the beach. But when the shark population in and around his home starts to act strangely, he must face an oncoming storm of new danger... Fear Mythos blogpasta using the Convocation. Written for the Fear Mythos Forums' "Shatter The Comfort Zone" competition. Trigger Warnings for discussion of Hurricane Katrina and a depicted panic attack. Rated K+. Start from my link for the best reading experience.
  • Drywall and Wiring (Original DOP: 8/27/13): A young chemist discovers a door that supposedly leads nowhere... leads somewhere after all. Chirality, confusion, lost in a world that is Empty... Fear Mythos one-shot, Empty City. Rated K+.
  • Him (Original DOP: 5/10/13): Eight different protagonists, eight different fates, eight different stories with different themes. But each one has a common thread, for each story tells of a single being, a single stalker that haunts each protagonist, a being that these eight victims refer to simply as, "Him". Eight ways portrayed, and eight ways feared. A short story collection project. This project's rated T collectively speaking for the scary content, and for future content that may become more violent should I add to this.
  • Open Season (Original DOP: 10/2/12): Jeremy Anderson, a hunter from Ypsilanti, MI, has a problem. A very tall, thin, and faceless problem. After one too many close scrapes with the entity chasing him, he started running... and hasn't stopped. Sick of running and hiding like an animal, he is willing to take any way out he can find, however improbable. If only things were that easy. Escape is impossible. Fear is unavoidable. The hunt is on. Slenderman Mythos, but not tied to any specific web series or legend. Fictional weblog. Rated T mostly for language and scary content of course, but there is some violence in there too.
    • The Hunted: "Open Season" is also available in a text-only, early format on the FictionPress page linked above. Same rating for the same things, but with a few differences from the more polished version...
  • I, Slenderman (Original DOP: 10/13/12): There are far stranger things in the forest than you think. Silent, watching things. Dark and slender things. Things as intrigued by you as you are afraid of them. But they have no voice, and thus cannot speak... If they could, though, they might tell you this. A rather... different first-person POV Slenderfic, as you probably have seen from the title. Read if you don't mind a little flexibility to your Creepypasta entities. Very much outside of the Slenderverse, but could feasibly fit anywhere else in the Mythos. One-shot. Rated T for brief strong language and a scene of rather gory violence, as well as general creepiness.
  • Night Class (Original DOP: 6/1/13): Third-Grade teacher Ellen T. Strich has a class of twenty students, with four of those students being a bit unruly. To rectify this, she imposes a list of new rules for the class to curb disruptive behavior. The children are less than enthused. Their shadows, however... Another Fear Mythos blogpasta, this time about the Nightlanders. Written for the Fear Mythos Forums' "Shatter The Comfort Zone" competition. Very short, rated K+ for general creepy Nightlander stuff. Start from my link for the best reading experience.
  • Observation (Original DOP: 5/30/13): There are things far more horrific out there than being murdered - such as viewing one, as was the case with the disappearance of conservation biologist Dr. David Kampmueller. All the police officers found of the poor man was an unfinished letter, detailing a horrific murder and an impossible killer, however, no evidence of such a crime was ever found... An attempt to write the goriest Slenderman story I could. One-shot. Rated M for strong gore and violence; probably not a good kid's tale...
  • Shelly Loves Succulents! (Original DOP: 5/23/13): She loves succulents, but not creepy-crawlies...My first Fear Mythos blogpasta! Uses the Intrusion. Start from where I linked for the best reading experience. ^w^
  • Silence (Original DOP: 4/9/13): Noisy, hairless, wide-eyed and tiny-mawed beings, always screeching, always at me. Shut them up. Stop the noise, please, please just stop the noise! He is not the only frightening thing in the world... A slightly different Slenderfic. One-Shot, Rated K.
  • Twelve Days (Original DOP: 12/12/13): Here lies the strange tale of Michael Zarkoff, whose wife Andrea has developed a late-stage breast cancer, and not even two weeks before Christmas, too. But that's not the worst of it - you see, Michael is a very anxious man with a few of his own Fears to deal with, Fears stirred up by and attracted to his recent unfortunate circumstances... Fearblog, rated T for language and some grotesque imagery.