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What Is Sugary Snicket Productions?

Sugary Snicket Productions is the personal 'company' of writer and artist Sugary Snicket. Sugary is the sole owner and operator of Sugary Snicket Productions, and her recent work includes not only writing but Fanvideos, Let's Plays, Artwork and more. Though Sugary has mostly left the art community behind, she has not stopped creating and doing what she loves to do, and can be found all over the web, participating in many fandom-specific sites.

Sugary's goal at Sugary Snicket Productions is to create and present quality work, whether it be an homage to something she loves or a thing of her own devising. As a writer, Sugary believes in giving her all, focusing on one or two tasks at a time until the job at hand is finished. A stickler for detail and realism, Sugary strongly believes in that familiar old writing adage of "Show, Don't Tell" - the better described a story is, the better the reader can imagine the setting, whether it's the surface of Mars or an abandoned mine outside of a Western ghost town. She relies heavily on suspense, often citing it as one of her major flaws as a writer, and enjoys writing mainly poetry and short stories, though she does have some longer works.

Sugary does speak enough Spanish to hold a conversation, so if you are a native Spanish-speaker, she can hold a conversation with you, however her Spanish isn't perfect so she WILL make stupid grammatical errors. You have been warned. (Sugary puede hablar suficiente Español para mantener una conversacion con los fans hispanohablantes, pero su Español no es tan buena como su Inglés.)

Who is Sugary Snicket?

Sugary Snicket is a college student, author, poet, Let's Player, and artist with a zest for life and a bountiful imagination. Her intended major is in Chemistry Tech, although she wishes to go back to major in Biochemistry and minor in Statistics at a later date. She first began writing and publishing her works in the sixth grade. As a young writer, she often wrote for Danny Phantom, and later, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sugary didn't first begin to publish her works until the summer of 2005, when she joined FanFiction.Net and chose a username for herself. She took her name from a certain Mr. Lemony Snicket, the morose author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and tweaked it to suit her personality and mindset, then began posting her Danny Phantom and Unfortunate Events stories.

Because Sugary was a young writer at the time, these yarns were not exactly the highest quality, but the Fanfiction community readily accepted her, and her writing prowess grew. Eventually, she grew out of her Danny Phantom phase and solely wrote for Unfortunate Events for a time, dabbling in other fandoms here and there when it suited her, but during the Summer of 2006, Sugary discovered a passion for the Myst video game series. She started out by writing some poetry for Myst, then, after she felt her prowess had grown strong enough, started writing Myst-related fanfiction. Her largest work in the Myst fandom is Locusani: Saavedro's Tale, which became a hit with Myst fans and was so popular that it gained its own advertising campaign, website, and spiritual sequel in the form of a follow-up story called Locusani: Revilani.

After the success of Locusani and its sequel-in-spirit, Sugary took a break from the Fanfiction world and decided to try her hand at original fiction and poetry. She immediately took her original works to FictionPress.com, the sister site to FanFiction.Net. There, she published her various poems under the username of SugarRayne (a play on her FFN pen name), and began looking at short horror and fantasy stories. During this time, Sugary published her first major work of original fiction, a short psychological horror story called The White Hour, which she wrote and rewrote multiple times in order to get just the right feel. Her Fanfiction output during this time slowed to a trickle of mainly poetry, but was revived with the release of The Dark Knight, which inspired her to start working on a few short Joker stories. This inspiration gained from the Joker himself was only strengthened after she read the graphic novel Joker, which gave her several ideas for a much crueler and more psychopathic interpretation of the character. She has since begun exploring the Joker as a character throughout his various interpretations in comics, movies, and other media; her favorite Joker-centered graphic novel is The Killing Joke and her favorite stand-alone Joker story is The Laughing Fish, from which she derived her username in the Batman fandom. She is also a fan of a good number of other Batman rogues, including the Riddler, Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and even a slight interest in Two-Face as well.

Today, Sugary is working on short Slenderman Mythos and Batman Fanfiction and has already finished several stories. She is planning on more short stories, but she also recently completed her first multi-chaptered  Batman story, enitled The Neighborhood, which is currently up on Fanfiction.Net now. Sugary continues to work at original fiction and original poetry. Upon filling the pages of her current poem journal, she plans to make these new, original poems available to the public on FictionPress.Com, with fandom-related ones being published on Fanfiction.Net.

What Does Sugary Write About?

Sugary Snicket writes both original work and Fanfiction.

For her original work, she usually writes poetry or short stories. Her stories are often in the genres of horror, suspense, and historical fiction. This sometimes crosses over into her poetry. Poetry-wise, Sugary writes anything and everything, from sonnets to haiku, but is particularly fond of free verse and typographical poetry. She's also written a few tributes to Shakespeare's and Edgar Allen Poe's works. She often draws on Poe and Stephen King for inspiration when she writes horror, and cites J. R. R. Tolkein and J.K. Rowling as influences for her fantasy work.

In the realm of Fanfiction, Sugary's interests at the time usually indicate what she writes for. In the past, Sugary has written for A Series of Unfortunate Events, Danny Phantom, Myst, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. She has also dabbled in writing for The Phantom of the Opera, The Inheritance Cycle, and Dexter, areas where she has mainly written only poetry but may branch out into for story purposes. Today, Sugary mainly writes for the Batman fandom. Her stories are usually either dramatic and suspenseful or dryly humorous, and she enjoys writing a good chiller every now and then.

For a list of Ships that Sugary writes for and important information regarding the content of her stories, please visit this page.

Where can I contact Sugary?

If you're looking to contact me, you can do one of two things. If you have a question about me or want to send fan mail, go ahead and leave a comment in my guestbook. For everything else, please use the email address below.

Email Sugary At:

If You:

  • Have a site question or issue, put "Site Question/Issue" in the header of your email and explain your question, and I'll try my best to answer it or fix the problem as soon as possible.
  • Want me to Beta something you're writing, I would prefer that you just visit my Beta profile over at my Fanfiction.Net account. But if you can't reach me there, just put "Beta Request" in the header of your email and send me a description of your story along with what you need me to critique the most if there is anything. If I have the time to beta, I'll respond with a request to send me the rough draft of your story.
  • Need help with a story you're writing, put "Story Help/Question" in the header of your email and explain what you need help with. Include the part you're struggling with if at all possible. This is NOT the same as asking me to Beta; if you would like me to Beta a story of yours you must ask for a Beta first. This is strictly to help you tweak small problems with a story or to speak to me author-to-author on how to fix something. This is more like having the Doctor quickly scan your story with the Sonic Screwdriver to diagnose the problem instead of having him come over in the TARDIS to fix everything, including things that might not need or want fixing.
  • Have a story or poem you'd like to commission, put "Story/Poem Commission" in the header of your email and explain your idea. If I do write that story/poem, I'll make sure to dedicate it to you! If it's a fanfiction idea, please send me Myst, Dark KnightTrilogy, Dexter, Batman (any continuity), or Phantom of the Opera ideas only. If I don't know anything about a fandom, how can I write a story for it? Be aware that I may not get to your idea right away, as I'm extremely busy and have a lot of other stuff to work on besides just writing. Do not ask me to insert you into a story; if you want to put yourself in a story, then write it yourself. Be aware that any original fiction idea that you request of me becomes my property and my work as soon as I agree to write it, so don't whine about how I stole your idea when you requested it to begin with. Please read this before you send me your requests. BE VERY SURE YOU AGREE WITH ALL OF IT BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANYTHING.
  • Want to become site affiliates, put "Affiliates" in the header of your email and put a description of and link to your site in the email. If you have a banner for the link, please place it into a .ZIP file and attach it to your email. Your banner should be about the size of an average forum banner; if it is too large I can resize it, however. In return, I'll email you a genuine Wordflow banner to put on your site!
  • Want to be buddies, put "IM Add Request" in the header of your email and send me your screen name, and I'll send you my screen name. I am on AIM and Skype, but my name will not show up as "Sugary Snicket" on AIM's Buddy List. Rest assured, however, that this is indeed me you're talking with. Be aware that I reserve the right to block you if you begin spamming me, trolling me, or otherwise harassing me - if you do it even once, you're blocked from all forms of contact including IM and email. If you ask for my Skype name and want to voicechat with me, you must be at least 18 years old and inside of the United States (sorry, no exceptions to those criteria). If you are younger and want my Skype address or are outside of the US, you may only use the IM feature. The former is because I'm legally an adult and it'd look creepy for me to be chatting with some random kid, and the latter is due to Skype charging for long-distance calls, like a normal phone would, and I really do not have the money to pay for that feature.

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