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Welcome to WordFlow, the official home of Sugary Snicket Productions' written work. Here, you may find all of Sugary's work, from poetry to fanfiction to random writings that might not be stories at all. If you're a Sugary fan, go ahead and start looking through the writings archives! If you're a newcomer, head over to the Bio section and read up about who and what Sugary Snicket Productions is all about! Have fun, and may the words flow!

With All Due Respect,

Sugary Snicket

Where To Begin

Simply choose any of the links above to begin looking around. The links are as follows:

  •  Fanfiction takes you to Sugary's fanfiction page. Looking for that old Unfortunate Events story that Sugary wrote back in 2005? Want to find that Myst fanfiction that you read once, but lost the link to? Look no further! Please note that Sugary's fanpoetry is not under this page; if you're looking for that, head on over to the fanpoetry page.
  • Fanpoetry brings you to a page all about Sugary's fanpoetry. Whether you have a hankering for some Dexter sonnets or crave some Dark Knight haikus, you can find it all right here.
  • Original Fiction is the spot for all of Sugary's original stories. If you're looking for a good chiller or a slice of history, or anything else for that matter, look here.
  • Poetry is just the thing for all you poem buffs out there. From villanelles to experimental poems, couplets to triplets, and sonnets to ballades, this page should hit every poetry fan's spot.
  • BLAHsphemy will take you to Sugary's random musings and writings of all assorted sorts. Nothing's what it seems in this section - just the thing for those of us who like a little randomness in their lives. This area now includes all non-fiction items as well as silly little lists and other un-story or un-poemish items.
  • About presents an overview of who we are and what Sugary Snicket Productions are all about. Find out more about Sugary herself and where to contact her as well as what else she's doing besides writing here.
  • Musings is the name of Sugary's blog here at WordFlow. Whether you'd like to know what Sugary's working on next and where she plans to go for the future or you just want to see what's new with the site, this is the place to look. This is also the spot where Sugary shares all sorts of interesting rants, thoughts, and future plans.
  • Links takes you to Sugary's links, which feature a variety of great places and references for her fans and fellow writers alike to use and explore.
  • Legal Information provides just what it says on the tin - legal information about what is and is not mine, what belongs to whom if I am borrowing it for a fanfic, and copyright information for stories and poems that are of my own creation. Please read it if you have any questions about whether my stories are infringing on another's copyright or not.

A Word on Story/Poem Ratings...

WordFlow uses the same ratings system that FanFiction.Net and FictionPress use, that is, WordFlow follows the ratings on FictionRatings.com, with a few exceptions. As a general rule, most of the stories and poems presented on WordFlow are within the K to T range - you will not see a B-rated or MA-rated story on this site, though there are a few M-rated ones. Musings (Sugary's blog) is rated T for strong language and some occasional "triggering" or crude content, but the rest of the site is a family-friendly K+ rating.

As with most rating systems, I generally employs a few major content descriptors, specifically those for Language, Violence, Blood and Gore, and Frightening Content. Many stories also have additional, specific content descriptors (such as those noting that a story contains rape or torture scenes) warning readers of what might lie ahead for them should they choose to click on the link. I do not use content descriptors for stories that are rated K, because there really shouldn't be anything objectionable in a K-rated story anyway. If you're under 18 and want to read a story of mine that contains heavy, possibly offensive or inappropriate themes, I encourage you to ask your parents for permission first. That is, after all, why I label any objectionable content present in my stories. As an author, I promise you, the reader, that I will NEVER put any overly objectionable, too-frightening, or inappropriate content in a K or K+ rated fic.

WordFlow recognizes three levels for the major content descriptors (Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Blood/Gore, and Frightening Content). They are as follows:

  • A Low level indicates:
    • Minimal swearing (religious epithets like damn and hell used more than thrice and stronger words more than once)
    • Mild violence (such as slapstick humor, fistfights, a superhero in a fight with a supervillain)
    • Minimal blood and no gore (like someone getting a large cut that needs medical attention)
    • Slightly scary content (such as an obviously not real monster, supernatural forces, or scary/dangerous animals).
    • Mild sensual themes, but no sexual content or crude sexual language (such as hugging, kissing, petting, and other sensual acts that stay "above the belt").
    • This level usually indicates a K+ or low-level T-rated story.
  • A Medium level indicates:
    • Slightly stronger swearing (vulgar words like bitch and shit used more than thrice and stronger words more than once)
    • Median violence (mild gunplay, mild knifeplay, intense fistfights, explosions and vehicle crashes)
    • Median blood and mild to median gore (such as someone getting a finger or hand chopped off or being badly scarred/burned, someone being shot or stabbed and bleeding heavily)
    • Median scary content (dead bodies/zombies, someone going insane from an outside force, psychological torture, anything involving primal fears).
    • Median sensual themes and mild sexual themes, possibly including sexual innuendos (such as catcalling, describing a human body in more detail, and scenes obviously meant to be sexual in nature, but NO sexual intercourse).
    • This level usually indicates a T-rated story.
  • A High level indicates:
    • Strong swearing (vulgar words like f**k and c**t used more than twice and all slurs, racial or otherwise, used in a hateful/non-historical way more than once, or just an excessive abundance of lesser swears)
    • Strong violence (heavy gunplay, heavy knifeplay, excessively brutal beatings, abuse of any kind, torture, murder)
    • Strong blood and gore (extremely brutal torture, extremely brutal killings, mutilation)
    • Very scary content (Realistic or semi-realistic threats like terrorist attacks, a serial killer stalking and killing someone, any and all body horror, psychopathic killers on the level of or higher than Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker).
    • Median to high sexual themes and strong sensual themes, including sexual language and innuendos (This could include scenes meant to be erotic or actual sexual intercourse, as well as crude sexual innuendos, but NO pornographic or "hardcore" content, and NOT described in severe detail).
    • This level usually indicates a high-level T or M-rated story.

Please note that because all readers are different, what squicks, frightens, or offends one person might not necessarily offend, frighten, or squick you. It's up to you to use good judgement on what you feel you are comfortable reading about. Therefore, all descriptors, descriptor levels, and ratings are presented merely as guidelines. In the end, only you, the reader, can determine what you are and are not comfortable reading - and remember, if something that I have written and presented on this site offends you, you can always leave the site, turn off the computer, or read something else!

A Word To Visiting Slenderfans...

Sugary loves the Slenderman Mythos! She loves reading, writing, watching, discussing, drawing, and everything about the Slenderman Mythos! She loves playing ARGs, being in-character, and scaring the life out of everyone who isn't aware of or involved with the Slenderman Mythos! And if you're like Sugary, odds are you too love the Slenderman Mythos and the relationship is going pretty good for you as well.

But what Sugary doesn't love is when people come to Wordflow and think it's okay to post In-Game about the Slenderman Mythos. And if you're like Sugary, you know it's impolite to post In-Game on sites that are not a part of any ARG, series, or blog. In fact, when people come to her club and start wifin', it makes Sugary very, very sad, because then she has to explain that this site is not part of the Mythos, even though it discusses it and contains links to In-Mythos content of her own.

You see, Wordflow (and by extension Sugary's blog, Musings), is Out-Of-Game. That means that this site and all parts of it are not a part of any ARG, series, or other blog, and around here, the Slenderman, all his Proxies included, does not exist because he isn't actually real. In fact, he's not only not real, he's decidedly not real, and if you come here to post otherwise you will be trolled. Mercilessly. There will be no Proxy posts, no Runner posts, no anything posts because they are not allowed here. Please keep that stuff to the blogs, ARGs, and series, because that is the place for it and this site is not.

Also, this site is for EVERYONE to enjoy and everyone is welcome. That includes all Slenderfans, old and new, of all levels of familiarity with the Mythos and of all walks of life. You WILL NOT bash another person on this site simply for talking about certain games here, and you WILL NOT hate on anyone for something they did off-site. Leave the drama and flaming at the door, or find another site, because that's not okay around here.

There is only one more caveat - calling the Slenderman "Slender" or otherwise implying that game is the origin point of the character is a very big pet peeve for Sugary, so please do not do this. If you are posting a comment anywhere on this site and behave in this manner, you will be politely corrected and pointed towards some awesome Slenderseries, short stories, and Creepypastas. If you continue to do this after that, your comments will be deleted as spam. You have been warned.