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Original Fiction

Welcome to Sugary's original fiction page! Here, you will find all of Sugary's stories from her FictionPress account, where she goes under the name of SugarRayne. From horror to humor to historical, it's all here. Just like in the fanfiction section, all genres are listed alphabetically, with each work in that genre alphabetized. Where the title of a work begins with "The", the next word of the title is used instead.


Dungeons and dragons and magic, oh my! Enter fantastic worlds and let your imagination soar with these fantasy stories.

  • The Miracle Pool (Original DOP - 4/19/08): Kale, a self-titled Wanderer, stumbles upon the Draken, an ancient race of dragons living in the mountains. There, he finds a friend in Isdrae, a young female dragon. But can they stand up to the evil dragons of the Southern desert? Rated K+ for fantasy violence.

Historical Fiction

Time is ever passing us by, but with these tales, you can take a trip back to the past. Relive Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream" speech, go back to Prehistoric days, or see the bloody turmoil of the Revolutionary War for yourself.

  • DarkAge (Original DOP - 12/5/07): A short tale of medieval torture. It is a sad glimpse into the life of a young woman who knew too much and was punished for it. May be slightly NSFW. First-Person, extremely short. Rated T for implied torture.
  • For The Honor of Japan (Original DOP - 1/19/08): A Japanese soldier during WWII chronicles the events of the Bataan Death March, in which hundreds of captured American and Filipino soldiers were tortured and forced to walk hundreds of miles. Diary Format. Rated T for mild blood and what is technically torture.
  • The Soldier (Original DOP - 12/9/09: A young man in Nazi Germany, faced with the choice of either working for a government he secretly despises or death, chooses the former out of fear for his life... and questions his decision when sent to work at Auschwitz. Rated T for controversial subject matter. WARNING: This short story is HIGHLY controversial, if historically accurate. Any alternate interpretations of how the author feels about the Holocaust are purely your interpretation of the story and do not necessarily portray the author's true views of what happened during that horrifying period of our world's history. Just be aware of one thing: To misinterpret the tone of the story is to entirely misinterpret the meaning!


Strange forms outside your bedroom window. Sinister whispers in your ear. Dark visions flitting across your vision. Are you going mad? Is it your imagination? Or is your terror... justified? Turn out the lights and keep an eye on the door while you read these terrifying tales.

  • Cat's in the Cradle, or The Waking Nightmare (Original DOP - 1/13/08): A young woman named Lauren, who lives alone with her pet cat, Antony, discovers that the real monsters of this world don't hide under the bed. Rated T for Mild Blood and subject matter.
  • Carousel (Original DOP - 9/1/10): Lon Cheney Sr. once famously said that "There is nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." Abigail has a terrible fear of clowns, but desperately wants to overcome it. After a chance meeting with a very... strange clown at a carnival, however, Abigail finds herself trapped in a three-ring circus of maddening events - and the clown is the ringmaster. And yes, it really is based on some of my own nightmares. Psychological (?) horror, Short Story. Rated T for intense psychological drama.
  • The Pipe Room (Original DOP - 3/10/09): A flashfic in which an unnamed protagonist is chased by a strange... something. Then again, it could just be all in his head... Was an entry for an original fiction contest. It unfortunately didn't win - it was beaten out by another very well-written story by only one vote. I still think it's one of my better pieces - for being written at nearly one in the morning, at least. Psychological Horror in the tradition of Lovecraft and Poe, first person. Rated K+.
  • Sleep Paralysis (Original DOP - 5/23/13): You ever wonder why sometimes you wake up scared, and you can't move? You don't want to know the reason why. An original Creepypasta. Rated K+.
  • The White Hour (Original DOP - 6/5/08): One of my most popular short stories. An average man agrees to take part in a scientific study to earn extra money and instead becomes the subject of a bizarre experiment. Psychological Horror, first-person. Rated T for intense psychological drama and some blood.