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If you have found this page, you probably either wanted to send me a story/poem idea or want to see the ships/characters I write for. If you're here for the latter, please scroll down to the ships and characters I usually write for. If you're here for the former, please read the information and rules below as they are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Important Information Regarding Story Ideas

If you are planning on sending me a story idea, I have some rules for you. I just don't write certain things into my stories, either because I don't like that idea and never have or because I feel uncomfortable writing about it. Below are my rules. Please follow them.

  • I do not write explicit erotica or adult Fanfiction. I don't enjoy writing porn, because porn is too difficult to do well and there's plenty of it out there already anyway (go look for the AdultFic sister site of FFN if you don't believe me). I have considered it, it's not that - but it just doesn't make for that interesting of a story in my opinion, and there's too much of it out there besides. I have my own fangirl crushes too, see my list of ships below; I just don't think porn stories are that interesting. More often than not, they're badly written and really not as sexy as you'd think. Besides, it's really hard to write something when one hand is on the keyboard and the other is somewhere else. XD
  • I do NOT write Rapefic. Ever. No. Please don't send me Rapefic ideas; I REALLY don't feel comfortable writing them. I may imply that a character has been raped or describe it in a mainly non-graphic way, but anything more is a big no. Yes, I have written a story that contains rape as a plot point, but that is not a Rapefic. A Rapefic uses rape as the major event of a story rather than a story device, more often than not as a romance plot substitute - and to me, that's not just unsavory, it's wrong.
  • I do not write MA-rated Fanfiction, because these fics are usually pornographic in nature. FFN doesn't even allow me to write those fics to begin with! I will write an M-rated fic, though, depending on what sort of content is in it. Sexual content is fine. Hell, even sex scenes are fine, even though it is skirting the boundaries of the rating a bit. Porn is not fine. If the fic idea is obviously MA-rated and you're trying to persuade me otherwise, the fic's not going to get written. Sorry. Write it yourself, because I don't like writing those kinds of stories.
  • I don't usually write slash, but I do make exceptions for it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not homophobic (VERY much not, my mom is a lesbian and her partner is my stepmother) - I just don't particularly enjoy seeing people play with the way a character canonically is just for the sexy/romance. That is not to say that I'll never write a homosexual pairing - it will just follow the same rules as for het pairings. For example, I might write a Jack Harkness/Ianto (from Torchwood) slash story, but I would not write a Violet Baudelaire/Isadora Quagmire slash story, because that is not canon. This does not necessarily mean I NEVER use slash undertones in my work (such as with the arch-nemesis relationship between Batman and the Joker, which is pretty much canon, DOES have homoerotic undertones in several adaptions, and which I HAVE played with), but I prefer not to use it as a strict slash paring unless that sexual orientation is truly canon for at least one of those characters. And if it IS used, the same rule of "no erotica/porn" still applies.
  • I do not write incest, slash or otherwise, because ew, just ew. That means I will not write an angsty Sirrus/Achenar or Violet/Klaus story for you. Come on, people, that's just gross. If you like it, good for you, but I'm not writing it.
  • I do not write pedophile stories. Ever. Children and adults do not belong having relations with each other, that's disgusting and wrong. The one possible exception ship is Violet Baudelaire/Count Olaf from ASOUE, but it WILL NOT be an erotic story - if anything, it will be a story exploring the horrors of pedophilia. If pedophile tendencies are present in canon for a character (such as with some portrayals of the Batman villain Mad Hatter), I'll allude to it or use it to a degree, but NOT in an erotic way, because that's sick, disturbing, and illegal, and it could get me kicked off of FFN. If there's an option not to show it for a character, believe me, I WILL choose not to show it.
  • I do not generally write crossovers. I have in the past, but I have outgrown that stage of my fanfiction career for the most part. I occasionally still do write crossover fics, but they are extremely rare and I really need to feel that the idea for the fic is strong and feasible enough in order for me to actually write it. Meta fics don't count here.
  • I do not write OCs that are not of my creation. The reason for this is because I don't truly know your OC as well as you would know him/her. I may use a name of an OC that I find particularly interesting or think it has a nice ring to it, but that's the extent of non-Sugary created OCs being used. If you have an idea for one, I'm all for it and I'll try to make my OC similar, but if they're a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, neither they nor their story will be written. I will make the determination of whether your character is Sueish or not, NOT you, and if I determine them too Sueish I will refuse to write their story. I hate Mary Sues and I eat large bowls of them every day for breakfast. Please take your Mary Sue/Gary Stu elsewhere or write it yourself.
  • I am not going to write a Vampire/Werewolf/Sexy Monster OC just so you can squee at him/her. That is what that hideous mark on vampire and werewolf lore called The Twilight Saga is for. This also means that I will never 'de-ugly-fy' Erik from PotO a la Gerik (Gerald Butler Erik) in a story. Erik is not now, nor will he ever be, sexy - he was not in the book and he was not in the musical (though Michael Crawford's voice is rather alluring) - as the ugliness is a part of his character. It is a flaw that caused his other character traits to develop. Not every mysterious bad boy woobie with a dark and painful past is pretty-looking. Get over it.
  • Speaking of that, I do not now, nor will I ever, accept The Phantom of Manhattan or Susan Kay's Phantom as canon. I refuse to because I am a stubborn canon purist. Sorry, Phans, but if you want a PotO story based off of one of those two stories, you'll have to look elsewhere. I will also not be writing any Love Never Dies fics; I 100% refuse to accept it as the canonical continuation of the ALW musical. Sorry if you liked it, and I know it wasn't THAT awful, but it's not happening.
  • I can't really write you anything within the rebooted DCU canon right now, so please don't ask me to write for a specific Batman canon. I haven't had time or interest to pick up any of the new titles, even Batman, so I dunno what's going on besides what I've heard from other fans. That means all of my Batfic is written either in the previous canon, or written as being able to fit into either canon without too much trouble. Depending on the events alluded to, it may also fit into various animated, video game, or film canons as well. In other words, I write my Batfic as being very neutral as to where it could canonically take place.
  • I don't generally write for obscure Batman rogues because I don't know enough about them. They're obscure and relatively unfamiliar to most people and those outside the fandom for a reason. I specialize in those characters I know best, like any good author would. This means that I might decline to do fics about some known characters if I don't know them that well - for example, I haven't read the Knightfall storyline yet, so I don't know a lot about Bane aside from what I've seen in The Dark Knight Rises. This isn't because I don't like those characters - Bane is an awesome villain, combining brains and brawn, and I really do like him as a formidable Bat-foe - but I only know what I've seen from various films and video games containing him. How can I give a character a decent story if I don't know much about them to begin with? Now imagine how I could possibly do a good story about someone like Firefly, whom pretty much nobody knows anything about outside of a few games and Batman comics? I bet you didn't even know there was a Batman villain named Firefly. That's why I stick to the main rogues, and even then only the rogues I've actually read stories about.
  • I will never, no matter what you want to believe to the contrary, write a story that humanizes the Joker, love interest or otherwise. The Joker is, was, and always will be a Complete Monster, making him an unfit villain for redemption. Yes, Batman: Going Sane pulled it off very well, but that was not about case of the Joker being humanized - it was about what could happen if the Joker ever stopped BEING the Joker and gained his sanity back, and how this cannot ever truly happen as long as Batman exists. I might write a tragedy or a pseudo-romance story in which the Joker shows some emotion, but it will based on lust, NOT love. This goes for any other villain as well - I am not going to redeem a villain unless there's a good, canonical reason for it (such as with Harvey Dent's attempts to ditch his Two-Face persona and heal his face again, or like Achenar's redemption at the end of the game Myst IV: Revelation). However, there's usually no good reason for it and I like my villains to remain evil bastards if that's what they're good at, so I won't be doing any villain redeeming any time soon.
  • Will I write you a Doctor Who fic? Certainly! But if you want me to write you a fic about the Doctor and company, you must specify which Doctor you're referring to. I cannot state this enough. If I don't know which Doctor you're talking about when you say, "Sugary, write me a Whofic where the Daleks team up with the Sontorians and the Doctor has to stop them", I STILL do not know what you want the Doctor's personality to be, what the TARDIS looks like inside, what events have occurred at that point in the Whoniverse's timeline, what events are occurring at that point in the season, who the Doctor's companion(s) is/are, and what personality the companion(s) has/have. If you don't specify, you're going to get stuck with the Eleventh Doctor, because I know the most about him and dammit I like Eleven. His bowtie is cool. And anyone who has a problem with me liking Eleven can go jump in a Time Rift.
  • Do I write Slenderman/Creepypasta/Fear Mythos fanfiction? Yes! Do I write in the Slenderverse specifically? No! This is for very good reason - I just don't know every single series and blog in that setting. I do not write fanfiction for Marble Hornets, everymanHYBRID, TribeTwelve, or any other specific series because I am not interested in writing just that. I am interested in writing everything Slendy, not just one specific concept of it. If you want me to write a fic about one of those series, I can, but it will probably not be the same as what you wanted me to write since my interpretation of Slendy is probably not the same as yours. You have been forewarned. The same rules as with all other fics apply, with one extra consideration - I'll write slash, but not between Fears/Slendy/Creepypasta creatures and human beings. The reason for this is that I'd just feel weird doing it. I don't care if it's your thing, but please don't request it of me. I don't like reading it and I don't like writing it.
  • I generally do not write angst in either poem or story format, and for good reason - I don't like it. Writing angsty poetry is an emo stereotype, and I really am trying to break that stereotype by showing that not all poetry is emo. I can't do that, however, when I keep getting requests for angst-filled poetry. If it's about a character who has a reason for those feelings, then I'll write it, but if not, then no. That is, I'll write angsty Saavedro poetry, but I will not write angsty Harry Potter poetry. Nope, not even when he starts having the REALLY dangerous showdowns with Voldemort.
  • I'm always open for writing in different fandoms than the ones I commonly write for, but I really cannot write a story for a fandom I have no idea about. I can't believe I have to say this, but I really, honestly do because people have been asking me to write about things I have no clue about. People, PLEASE do not assume that just because you are familiar with something and that something has been around for a while that I also know what you are talking about. If I have never seen the Miyazaki film Spirited Away (I have, for the record, and it's one of my favorite films ever), then how can I write you a fic about it? Please think about this before you send me an idea.
  • I'm usually open to new ideas, but I will never, and I mean NEVER, write an Anime or Twilight story. I don't personally know that much about Anime and haven't watched any besides Pokemon and a little bit of Yu-Gi-Oh when I was young and Mr. Miyazaki's work now that I'm older, and Twilight is an abomination so hideous that even Erik looks better than it (Oh yes, Twilight fans - I went there). If you have a problem with this, go find someone else to write your story - or better yet, write it yourself.

Sugary's Ships

Here is what I ship for. If you're looking for me to write a good romance with two characters from a fandom, these are your best bet.

  • ASOUE: Violet/Olaf (Within reason), Quigley/Violet, Klaus/Isadora, Fernald/OC, Esme/Olaf, and Lemony/Beatrice.
  • Nightmare: Jack/Sally, Shock/Lock.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny/Sam, Jaz/OC.
  • Inheritance Cycle: Durza/Arya, Durza/OC, Saphira/Thorn.
  • Harry Potter: Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Snape/Lilly (The poor guy has had enough, don't you think?), Hermione/Draco, Tonks/Remus.
  • Myst: The original couples: Catherine/Atrus, Tamra/Saavedro, Sirrus/OC.
  • Dexter: Deb/OC (especially if the OC is... interesting).
  • PotO: Raoul/Christine, Erik/Christine.
  • Dark Knight/Batman: Joker/Rachel, Joker/Harley, Bat/Cat, one-sided Joker/Bat.

Here are the pairings I will write for. I don't necessarily like these pairings, but I am willing to write them.

  • ASOUE: Klaus/Fiona, Esme/Jerome, Aunt Josephine/Ike, Olaf/White-Faced Women (one or both).
  • Nightmare: Sally/Oogie, though I'm not fond of it.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny/Oc, Sam/Oc.
  • Inheritance cycle: Eragon/Arya.
  • Myst:I'm willing to give Any/Oc a shot.
  • PotO: Raoul/Erik/Christine, if structured like the original love triangle.
  • Dark Knight/Batman: Bruce/Rachel, Harvey/Rachel.

Sugary's characters

Here are the characters I generally write for, usually because they are my favorites.

  • ASOUE: The Baudelaires, Olaf, Esme, Fernald/Hooky/Hook-Handed Man.
  • Nightmare: Jack, Sally, Oogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel.
  • Danny Phantom: Sam, Danny, Tucker, Jaz, various ghosts.
  • Eragon: Durza, Saphira.
  • Myst: Saavedro, Sirrus, the Stranger (Please note that if you ask me to do a Stranger-centric MystFic, I will base the Stranger around me and not around you).
  • Dexter: Dexter, Deb.
  • PotO: Erik, Christine.
  • Batman/Dark Knight: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Riddler, The Scarecrow (haven't written anything using those last four yet, though).

Here are the characters I will write for, regardless of if I like them or not.

  • ASOUE: Lemony, Beatrice, any of the Baudelares' previous guardians, anyone who is or was in Olaf's troupe.
  • Nightmare: Anyone, really. I'm not choosy.
  • Eragon: Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, Galbatorix.
  • Myst: Atrus, Catherine/Katran, Gehn, Achenar, Tamra, basically anyone as long as they aren't some obscure D'ni guildsmaster or something.
  • Dexter: Anyone, really. I'm not choosy.
  • PotO: Anyone that appears in Leroux's original novel is a potential subject. Please note that I said Leroux's original novel. This means that if they appear in Erik's past or that stupid Phantom of Manhattan story, they are not getting a story written about them.
  • Batman/Dark Knight: Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle, Robin (any), most other Batman villains (as long as I'm at least familiar with them).