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This page contains all the poetry Sugary has written for various fandoms. From ASOUE to Eragon to PotO, it's all here in varying styles. The poems are organized alphabetically by fandom, but their poem format is set off from the title in (parentheses). If you're looking for Sugary's other poetic work, take a look at the Poetry page. If there's another FanPoem you were looking for that isn't here, try checking the Archives.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Batman/The Dark Knight Trilogy


NOTE: This is poetry for Showtime's hit TV show Dexter and for the series of crime novels it was based on, not the popular but unfortunately canceled cartoon Dexter's Laboratory. The show and novels are all about a serial killer named Dexter Morgan who kills other serial killers, kind of like a much gorier, much more disturbing Batman. As such, it deals with violent and possibly gory subject matter. Reader Discretion is advised.*

* ... I always wanted to say that. XD

Doctor Who

Myst Series

Creepypasta/Slenderman Mythos