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Get In Touch!

If you're here, you probably have a friend request of me and want to be buddies on some site or another I frequent. I'm always open to friend requests on any site as long as it's not for malicious reasons, like trolling or spam. Below are some guidelines for various sites I have profiles on.

Getting In Touch on YouTube

If you happen to be a fellow 'Tuber, I have two channels you can reach me at. There is a link to my primary Youtube account on the Links page, and from that account you can reach the second one. If you'd like to be YouTube pals, just send me a PM with your username and a link to your channel, and I'll take a look at it and decide from there - it's something I have to do to prevent trolls and spam. Oh, and please don't spam or troll me through YouTube, or I'll have to block you and your comments, and I don't like to do that. It makes me very sad. And you don't want to make me sad, do you? Please only contact me on my primary Youtube Account (ThePhantomSafetyPin), as I do not check the second one regularly.

Getting In Touch on a Forum

To get in touch with me on a forum, you can join up with that forum and PM me.These forums have rules in general that you must follow, so no need for me to look at anything. :)

  •  If you're a Myst fan, take a look at Mystcommunity and look for Mystress. It shouldn't be hard - I'm very well-known in the Myst fandom. :)
  • Similarly, if you're a Narayan fan, join me and my fellow Narayani at the Narayani Collective - I'm also known as Mystress there.
  • If you're an Eragon fan, take a look at the Inheritance Forums and look for Durza Ate My Pancake.
  • POtO fans can point their browsers to the forum at Phantom of the Opera.com and look me up under the name Masquerade_Angel_13.
  • ASOUE-lover? Look me up at 667 Dark Avenue Forums under the name Sugary Snicket.
  • Batman fan? Find me around The Joker's Lair under the name LaughingFish, and I'll be happy to talk comics with you! If I'm not there, you can ask any of the people in the forums for "LaughingFish" and they'll point you in the proper direction. You can also see my Joker fanart here if you look hard enough for it!
You're most likely to find me at Joker's Lair, but my responses will be very slow at best. If you really want to talk to me, I suggest using the fanmail address on the About page or contacting me through Fanfiction.Net or YouTube.