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Ah, who doesn't love stuff from the good old days? All of Sugary's older works are here. So, if you're looking for an ASOUE story that isn't on the main pages, it's probably here. Be aware that most stuff here was written by Sugary at a young age, when she was finding her literary style and trying out different things, so don't judge too harshly. Besides, some of it's so laughably bad - or just plain laughable - that Sugary couldn't help but post it. So, enjoy and remember to not take this section too seriously.

Danny Phantom

Before Sugary joined FanFiction.Net, she was madly obsessed with the now-cancelled Danny Phantom. The show was about a teenager who had ghostly superpowers and dealt with not only his everyday problems but the problems of the spectral world as well (it was a lot better than it sounds). Sugary never got around to publishing her takes on Danny's life, however, until she joined FFN in mid-2005. During that time, she wrote for ASOUE and pubished her DP tales as well. Below are all of her Danny Phantom stories.

  • No Way Out (Original DOP: 7/28/05): After a household accident, Danny's sister forces Danny had his friends to attend a performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with her. Little do they know that a malevolent, masked spirit haunts that very theater in a manner evokative of LeRoux's famous Opera Ghost. A very loose crossover of DP and PotO, and I mean VERY LOOSE! Rated K+.
  • Face The Music (Original DOP: 7/21/05): Danny, needing a hobby, decides to attend a fine arts band camp. Once there, however, things turn from fun to dangerous as Danny discovers that he and his enemy are not the only two Halfas in the world and that Ember has once again returned. Rated K+.
  • The Parrot Trap (Original DOP: 7/28/05): Dash goes on vacation, leaving Danny to watch over his mouthy parrot, Mr. Squawkers. Through a series of events, however, the parrot ends up gaining the same powers as Danny! Now Danny has to deal with the antics of both Skulker and the Box Ghost, all while keeping an eye on the newly-created Halfa-parrot. Very silly. Rated K+.

Nightmare Before Christmas

After moving on from ASOUE, Sugary thought she could fill the empty place in her bones by writing stories based upon Tim Burton's classic stop-motion masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Too bad her writing skills weren't quite up to par then...

  • Origins: Rise of the Pumpkin King (Original DOP: 5/25/06): Jack Skellington wasn't always the Master of Fright that we know him as today. Follow his story from his death to his rebirth as the King of Halloween. Rated T for some thematic elements and some strong violence and death.
  • Right Here (Original DOP: 5/25/06): Jack and Sally have a small fight and, after some time thinking on it, realize just how much they belong together. Songfic to Staind's rock ballad, "Right Here". Rated K.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sugary's first written works might have been Danny Phantom oriented, but her first published work on the site was ASOUE-related. This fandom's creator is also who Sugary took her name from. Here is all of Sugary's really early ASOUE work, poems and stories both. Most of the stuff here is out of date as the series is now completely published, so don't look for book accuracy here.

  • Forget This! (Original DOP: 8/29/06): A parody of The Slippery Slope, Book the Tenth of the series. Nothing more to say here. Rated K+ for a little mild violence.
  • Never Again: Olaf's Story (Original DOP: 7/21/05): A possible origin for the dastardly Count Olaf. Out of Date since Book 12 and thus rendered A/U. Rated T for subject matter and mild violence.
  • The Malevolent Mansion (Original DOP: 6/9/05): Essentially, the Baudelaires meet Dracula meets Danny Phantom. Extremely stupid and unfunny crackfic, but feel free to laugh at how bad it is. I already do. XD Rated K.
  • The Sickening Survival (Original DOP: 6/30/05): A humorous misadventure involving the Baudelaires, Olaf, Esme, and a locked car. Such is the way of the Snicketverse. Rated K.
  • A Series of Paranormal Events: Bad Beginnings (Original DOP: 9/11/05): A DP/ASOUE crossover story. The Fenton orphans are forced through a series of unfortunate events of their own. Was part of a planned series that got cancelled after a long time with no idea of what to do for the rest of the stories. Rated K+.
  • Shattered (Original DOP: 4/6/06): Five years after the end of ASOUE, Violet lives on her own, and is sure that Olaf will never find her. But when he does, her nightmares come back to haunt her, and she'll have to face her fears... again. Was once a plausible end to the series, but is now outdated and therefore A/U. Rated T for medium to strong violence.


 Sugary's first clumsy attempts at poetry were nowhere near the lyrical, rhythmic beauty she publishes today, but everyone has to begin somewhere.