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Watching The Woods/My Beef With: For the Love of All Things Slender...

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Update as of February 26, 2013: Yes, this is really, seriously going to happen. Word of Creator has even stated this is going to happen, and that Troy and Co. will be keeping an eye on Hollywood so they don't turn MH into horrible shit. Does that allay your fears now, hearing it straight from the guys who made the damn series?


I know. I know you're all hella upset that Troy and Co. are letting a Marble Hornets movie happen. By the guys who made Paranormal Activity no less, a series of films I personally didn't care for. But really? It's the "end of the Mythos" and "Slenderman is dead" now because of it?

My. God.

Didn't you all say the same damn things when Slender: TEP came out? When people were being idiots because they heard about it offhand or played it once and started insisting they knew everything about the Mythos because of it? Stupid, yes. Permanent, no.

I swear to God, some of you people act like fucking hipsters about the future of the Mythos sometimes. If anyone so much as DARES try something new, they get shut down. If it tries to go mainstream you look for reasons to say the mainstream thing sucks. If all your expectations aren't met woe betide whoever made that thing in-Mythos.

This behavior is childish as fuck. It's bullshit and you all know it.

I know you guys care about this Mythos a lot. So do I. But nothing ever gets any sort of revitalisation or anything without bringing in new people, looking at new ideas, and working with old tropes. That is why the blogs are stagnating, that is why new vloggers are having a hard time getting views right now, that's why. This Mythos cannot remain in a little corner forever, and it SHOULDN'T remain that way forever. This is gonna get huge, and stupid is gonna happen. It happened with Slender: TEP, and guess what? The good folks stayed, and the stupid folks went away and did their own thing. The same thing is going to happen with this.

And "Slenderman is dead"? Fucking REALLY? Are you really so lax about your care as a fan for this Mythos that you would actually LET that happen? No, I'm calling every Slenderfan upset about this film out on this - would you really, seriously, as a creator or fan, let that shit happen? Really? Or would you adapt?

Slenderman is not dying nor is it dead. It's changing. And only ignorant dumbfucks who can't handle the idea of living without the status quo are resistant to change happening. There will be bad from this, that's undeniable. But there will also be good. This film is going to bring people into the Mythos. Some of those people will dig deeper and learn. And those that don't? They aren't honestly worth the time or effort are they, because they are fairweather fans. I have stated such many times before, and will probably state such many times again in the future.

Look, I'm not too happy that there's gonna be a Marble Hornets film adaptation either. But the thing is this - I actually welcome change in the Mythos. Nothing new has been done with it for a while. We even created a whole branch-off Mythos, the Fear Mythos, because nothing different or special was going on. Now that something IS going on, a broadening of audience specifically, there can and will be more added to it, there can and will be more acknowledgement to other series (even if some dumb beliefs come with it), and there can and will be things about this that will change for the better. I know I for one, as a more educated Slenderfan, will be bringing knowledge about series I like and the Mythos at large to these new folks, because if they liked the film then they might be surprised to know there's a whole huge world of Mythos stuff out there they never knew about. I actually WANT more Hornets and Tribies and Hybrids and assorted Slenderfans running around to discuss stuff and speculate with, to cry over Tim PLZBBYNO with, and to go up to and say "AMIINTERRUPTING? TOOBAD." and have them get the damn reference. I would legitimately probably buy the t-shirts this film would generate, not because of the film, but because I love the damn Mythos. I'm still a Slenderfan, and I see no reason to denounce what I am just because of a few fairweather fans that I KNOW will eventually move on. The same people who see this film and squee over it now are the same exact people who will be squeeing over something else five months down the road. Just because a fandom is in vogue for a little bit does not mark the decline of said fandom. This really is not the end of the goddamn world and some of you people are already running around saying the sky is going to fucking fall. And you never know, maybe the film could be good. maybe it will stay true to the Mythos - if Troy and Co. are involved, I trust them to keep the filmmakers on the right track. If not them, then surely Victor Surge will, whom they HAVE to ask permission from to use the character anyway, whether it's called The Operator or Slenderman. it's his concept. And Surge could, as always, say "No," and that would HAVE to be the end of the discussion. So calm your tits and think rationally about this before you jump to conclusions and run around flapping your arms like a bunch of headless chickens.

I'm sorry, I'm just super-upset about the behavior towards this some folks in the fandom are displaying here. The Mythos has always been steeped in internet drama, but enough is enough. Be the bigger person here and accept the fact that things are never going to be what they were back in 2009, or Hell, even back in 2011 before that game came out. This, I promise you, will NOT break the Mythos, and if it does? Well, maybe it's because we let it.

It's a harsh thing to say, and it's a harsh thing to hear. But it needed to be said. And I think all of you know it needed to be heard.

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