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(Sort Of) Watching The Woods: The 30 Day Slenderman Tumblr Challenge!

Posted on January 2, 2013 at 2:15 AM

Yeah, so I've done this before. Yeah, so it wasn't impressive. But YOLO bitches I don't care; I'm running on zero hours of sleep and Coca-Cola and straight-gunned MST3K and TribeTwelve, so I'm doing this shit. Again. It's a new year, with new experiences and now things to do, so it doesn't count anyway since the last time I did this was last year. So nyah-nyah, my blog my rules, you're a big stinky doody-head.

But not really. I love all my little Muselings. ^w^ Doubly so if they're into the Mythos. Triply so if they're into Batman AND the Mythos AND Doctor Who, but I digress. I was running around online the other night, checking on Slenderseries and whatnot (Suddenly ALL OF THE UPDATES on WillowAdder's Twitter like WTF bro that's awesome but damn I have a lot to catch up on), and eventually wound up on Tumblr, as I usually do. It was on one Slendy-related Tumblr that I noticed someone had posted a 30-Day challenge for the Slenderman Mythos, and my curiosity was piqued enough to try it. So, here you go - my responses to the 30-Day Slenderfan Tumblr challenge. :3

As with the previous 30-Day challenge entry on Creepypastas, you probably don't wanna follow any links here if you're not a Slenderfan and not quite aware of what you're getting into. Nightmare fuel abounds in this fandom, as it should, and I don't want those of you who get spooked/paranoid easily by things they see or read to end up losing sleep. Otherwise... you'll be CaughtNotSleeping. *YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH*  - Oh fuck it that was lame, I give up on the Slenderpuns. T^T

  1. How did you find out about Slenderman?

    Well, I think the first I heard about him was sometime in 2010, although I don't recall the exact date. I was checking around reading some Creepypastas and stumbled onto some about him. It wasn't until I did more research last year that I started getting more interested in him though.

  2. Is Slenderman real?

    In the flesh? Hell no, he's too weird biologically to exist. And what the hell kind of evolution would even lead to a being that looks like it's wearing a business suit 24/7 and has no face? But as an idea? Oh Hell yeah, he's real, as the face and form given to the fear of the unknown, he exists. But only in our imaginations does he lurk, only in our thoughts and speculative stories does he haunt us. See, he's kind of like Santa Claus, in that he embodies an idea, but isn't physically real. Except instead of spreading joy, he spreads nightmare fuel.

  3. Have you experienced any symptoms of the Slendersickness?

    No, but every time I go walking in the woods and start coughing a little I do smirk to myself. And as for nightmares and paranoia? More than once in this fandom. More than once. ;-;

  4. Your favorite Slenderman related video series?

    Aw Hell, you're gonna make me choose? :c Of the Big Three, Marble Hornets is my favorite. Of the more obscure ones, I really like WillowAdder - seriously, go look it up and watch it, because it needs more love and it's pretty damn good.

  5. Your favorite Slenderman related text blog?

    I don't read a ton of Slenderblogs; I tend to stick to the vlogs and video ARGs mostly. But if I have to pick a blog related to Slenderman in some form, even if it's not a Slenderblog so to speak, I have to go with fnoslenderfans. Dear God, the amount of terrible fanart in this fandom just astounds me... Picking a good one, The Daily Slender Man is great, just because I love seeing good artwork of my favorite tall and creepy bastard.

  6. Your favorite character from the Slenderman mythos is...?

    Tim from Marble Hornets. Dear God, the FEEEEEEELLLLLLSSSS. ;-; That man needs all of the hugs, right the fuck now, forever. Plus he's got sassy rollerblades to go with his epic sideburns.

  7. The weirdest theory you’ve read about Slenderman?

    He's a demon from Hell. Really guys? Just... really? You're gonna just outright give that sort of cliched "Oh he's just evil no questions no bones about it nope" explanation for him? That's about as lame as a duck with a broken leg.

  8. Your favorite Entry/Slenderman video?

    Favorite standalone, or favorite entry in a series? Favorite standalone's the short fanfilm Proxy, because honestly just the way that Slendy moved was creepy as hell. His head... just... the way he would nod his head, as if reassuring his target... *shudders* Freaky. Favorite entry in a series is Entry #18 of Marble Hornets, because it's the first entry in any Slenderman series that truly made me jump.

  9. Your favorite piece of Slenderman fan art?

    This one is amazing. He seriously looks like he's either just kicked ass and is cleaning up after the fight, or he's about to kick ass and is tightening his tie to let everyone know he's going to kick ass. And then TheHellcow has an amazing series linking Slenderman to various phobias that I love. And then there's angmarbucket, who mixes fluid curves with sharp angles in her Slendy and I just love it to bits dear God she has so much talent I am so jelly.

  10. Your favorite parody?

    Slenderman Is A Crappy Roommate. "What's so damn interesting that you just gotta stand there, and stare at it?!" XD And then there's also Concrete Giraffes, and Marik Plays Slender, and just... yeah. Go look them up.

  11. Have you ever personally encountered Slenderman?

    OOG: No. Because he doesn't actually exist.

    IG: Not to my knowledge. Unless he's making me forget that I saw him... I-is he? Oh God, when did it become a "he" to me? I-it's been so long... so long since I haven't seen... that I almost forgot there was a time I never did... But I remember now. Oh God, I remember it all now... Thanks to you... It was all a distant memory to me but then YOU showed up, with your damn 30-day challenge list, and... and... *breaks down sobbing*

  12. Can you post a song that reminds you of Slenderman?

    Florence + The Machine - Breaking Down. Listen to this fucking band it is AMAZING.

  13. Your favorite crossover?

    I don't do that many crossovers, although I do kinda dig the idea of mixing Slendy with Zalgo. Two eldritch horrors for the price of one! And don't quote me on this, but isn't there a series out there that does that? I need to look up which one and start watching, methinks...

  14. What's your own personal interpretation of Slenderman?

    He is an anomaly with the world around him, a thing that somehow came to be and survived, but shouldn't have. Everything around him is affected badly because of this. He is likely at least as intelligent as a human being, and might verge on the introspective. The distortion on tapes he causes is probably Electromagnetic in origin. I think he likely feeds on fear and sanity, and that his tentacles somehow are used as part of the feeding process. Causing the SlenderSickness is under his control somewhat, as he can control severity but not the fact that he causes it. He can pick locks and open doors and windows, and he can crawl sort of like a spider or something if the space you're in is too small for him to fit in standing up. If he can communicate it is through telepathy of some sort, but it is probably not in words and would probably drive a human target to insanity. I don't think he really "gets" humans much, and finds us interesting... both as a source of nourishment and out of sheer curiosity. Maybe he finds it interesting to toy with us, or maybe he just likes people-watching. Either way, he's extremely alien to us, and we might even possibly be very alien to him...

  15. Do you think Slenderman would be a good movie? If so, specify your dream creative team.

    Could be, depending, but only if they stuck to subtle paranoia and fear, NOT cheap jumpscares. The Mythos is not about jumpscares. The Mythos is about waking up from nightmares at 2 AM and being paranoid as fuck that Slendy's in your closet and wants to devour you alive and screaming. It's about checking over your shoulder every so often for a bit after you watch a vlog update. It's not about what Slendy or his Proxies actually do to you (which most of the time isn't that much unless they're feeling violent), but the implications behind what they could have done to you instead... Your mind fills in the paranoia blanks, and any good Slenderman film NEEDS this aspect to be anything resembling a good film.

  16. The biggest scare you’ve gotten from something Slenderman related was...?

    Honestly, the Mythos just makes me paranoid more than scared. But damn, Masky, you gotta stop popping up out of nowhere and running at Jay like that. It's fucking terrifying and now whenever I see something in a game or movie that looks remotely like you (pale face, black markings, yellowish coat/body) I jump and anticipate it running right the fuck at the camera. I love you Masky, don't do this to me bro. Masky plz. Masky stahp. ;-;

  17. Could you post an amusing and/or creepy Slenderman gif?

    This one always makes me giggle.

  18. Your favorite Slenderman ARG?

    CaughtNotSleeping, bitches.

  19. Your favorite Slendy-related meme?

    I try to stay away from those, most of them either make me eyetwitch in rage due to their overuse or don't interest me that much. Trenderman did get a chuckle out of me when I first saw him, though.

  20. Your favorite Slendy photoshop is...?

    This one because he looks like he's dancing and that really amuses me, then this one because I love the classics, and then this one because it's creepy.

  21. Your favorite non-Slenderman Creepypasta?

    Already pointed out in my 30-Day Creepypasta Challenge entry that the honor of Favorite Non-Slendy Creepypasta story goes to "The Russian Sleep Experiment". Just... brr. I have the willies even thinking of the concept behind that one. If I have to pick a Creepypasta entity to be a favorite besides Our Slender Friend, then I guess I'd pick Zalgo or SmileDog. Yeah I know you're expecting me to pick the Rake. But everyone picks the Rake, so fuck the Rake. But not literally because that's kind of disturbing. Seriously, y'all are pervs. -_-"

  22. Your favorite SlenderPROXY?

    Masky, damnit. Because he's Tim, and because he's a ninja. With an awesome jacket. Although you really gotta love the Observer of TribeTwelve too. Yes I know, he's not technically a Proxy, but he's still antagonistic so I'll count him. Not many Slendervlog antagonists besides Mr. Thin himself are awesome enough to get their own freaking symbol, and not all of them can pull off the Scary Shiny Glasses quite so well...

  23. How many friends have you converted into Slenderfans?

    Actually it was my best friend that converted me into a Slenderfan... sort of. Kind of. She got me interested in watching Marble Hornets and from there it just kind of spiraled downward into obsession. Although I think I might be slowly converting my little siblings into sort of semi-Slenderfans, and I did get my little brother interested in watching a few vlogs... so... muahahahaha?

  24. Your favorite alternate name for Slenderman?

    I give him nicknames all the time. My favorite nicknames that I personally give him are "The Slender One" and "Our Slender Friend". Don't ask me why, I just really dig those two nicknames. Although I kind of also like the German origins of "Der Ritter" and the ever-classic "Operator", too.


    Laptop, journal/notebook with pencils, my favorite dragon necklace, my replica of the Joker's out-the-front switchblade from The Dark Knight, and my glasses. I'm assuming these would be things I'd bring if I were on the run from Slendy in order to keep myself sane/identify my flayed and eviscerated body. Yes I know a camera's not in there, but if I seriously were running from Slendy I'd also have my digital camera, my cellphone, around $500 in cash, and my car keys with me at all times.

  26. In your opinion, which Slenderman series has the best video effects?

    TribeTwelve, bitches.

  27. Your favorite fake Slenderman movie poster?

    I can't seem to find a link, but there's a good one out there that kind of is a shilhouette of him, and these orange-tinted fall trees. Looks kind of like a poster for The Wicker Man, which I believe migth have been the inspiration for it. Just very simple, very nice. I liked it a lot and I'm depressed I can't find it now. Time to go binge on Slenderman fanart to drown my sorrows between sips of black cherry soda... :c

  28. Do you think Slenderman is good, evil, misunderstood, or somewhere in-between?

    Neutral, likely. Honestly, it depends on the series, but his MO for the most part just doesn't seem to match some evil entity that's out to destroy humanity and the world as we know it. His attacks are too specific and his targets too random for that. I think he most likely does what he does either out of curiosity or because he's got some sort of specific pathway he's trying to guide these people down (for what purpose I don't know...) That or he's just trying to eat (monsters have to eat too) and these random college students with cameras keep getting in the damn way of his dinner. XD But in all seriousness, I don't think the Slenderman is necessarily completely evil mostly because I hate that interpretation. As I've said before a few times on this blog, I feel like just saying "Slendy is evil and that's that" only boxes him into one set of pretty cliche possibilities that honestly don't scare me all that much. So I tend to see him as just so incredibly alien to our minds that we cannot understand or comprehend him in any way and therefore we see him as menacing, unknowable, and evil by default. Saying he's just evil and that's that is the easy, coward's way out of writing even creepier implications, and it's just a poor shot at horror in my opinion. I find the being that's not purposely evil and is messing with you anyway to be a LOT worse and more frightening than the being that just wants to watch you suffer; if I wanted to see the latter I'd read a story about the Joker. XD This Mythos has Lovecraftian flavor, and Lovecraft's monsters weren't necessarily evil - just frighteningly unknowable (except for Nyarlathotep he was a dick). Therefore, it doesn't make much sense to me for Slendy to be purely evil, but he's certainly not a purely good being either, because nothing in this world or any other ever is. Besides... doesn't prey always see their hunter as evil? ;3

  29. Are you one of those people that finds Slendy adorable?

    In a weird Nightmare Fetishist sort of way, yes, but not literally because seriously, he's terrifying and people who find him "cute" are terrifying, too. I swear to God those people are all Proxies; I trust NONE OF THEM EVER. So no, I'm not one of those weirdos that would tackle-glomp him or hug him, because that's stupid, but I do find him really fascinating because he's just such a cool monster. I can't help it! He's got so many of my tastes in horror down pat that I'd be lying if I didn't say I kind of love the guy for being such a creepy fucking bastard.

  30. Do you plan on going in the woods anytime soon?

    Oh yes. :3 I do, all of the time, and even at night. Actually, I've been doing it more often since I've gotten into this Mythos, just to invoke the tropes and live the Slenderfan dream, so to speak. I've gone Slenderman hunting too, and I'm not ashamed to say it. It's quite fun. You should join me... sometime... *quietly hides Proxy mask behind back* ;3

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