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The Creepypasta Tumblr's 30 Day Challenge!

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 4:20 PM

Okay, okay, I promise I've had enough of the creepypasta after this one and I'll try to keep it to a minimum for a while, because I'm sure you guys are getting sick of my little "OMG Creepypasta rules and Slenderman is so damn scary ararararagh!" phase that I'm going through. I apologize for the retarded fanishness and I'll keep it down after this.

But see, I am addicted to the stuff and I can't stop reading it. I love Creepypasta and I love writing in that universe (especially for Tall, Pale and Faceless, but that's another story). It's a fandom of mine now, and I'm pretty much stuck with it. So because of that, I was recently rolling around the internets and found a few Creepypasta-related Tumblrs that I started following. Two of those Tumblr sites were FNoSlenderfans and FNoCreepypastaFandom, both of which show off the worst of the worst of Creepypasta fans (specifically Slenderfans in that first link). They're hilarious and show off the painful truth about one of my fandoms - they are full of some stupid, stupid people that just don't like admitting (or are unaware_ that they are taking the piss out of the piss-yer-pants scariness of some of these monsters. Really, for all the joking I myself do in and around the fandom, and here as well, I'm scared of these beings because they are supposed to be scary monsters. As I've ranted before, you should be terrified of running into the Rake, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, SmileDog, and all the rest of the horrifying gang. You don't want to end up as a Proxy; that's a bad thing. You don't want to meet Jeff, that is also a bad thing. You do not want these characters to be real. At all. Ever. And yet some people do, and some people ship them as "bishies", and that's what the above Tumblrs show off. As a result, they are very often not worksafe, not apologetic (although if you ask nicely, they will take down anything you drew that got put up there), and definitely not in any way safe for the sanity of any poor Creepypasta fan that stumbles upon some of the ridiculous shit these fangirls get up to. Of course, that happens in every fandom, but it's still annoying and mind-breaking when it happens. And yes, it's terrifying to know that everything imaginable has been done with Slendy's tendrils. EVERYTHING. IMAGINABLE. So if you want to laugh at the bad side of the Creepyfandom or Slenderfandom, check those blogs out. Just... don't say I didn't warn you. There be monsters over there, and not all of them are horrifying in the ways they were intended to be horrifying.

Anyhow, the third Tumblr I found (and the site that gave me links to the other two) was actually just a Tumblr aggregation of everyone who discussed "Creepypasta" on its community. I was reading through, and noticed that someone posted a 30 Days challenge to answer for Creepypasta fans. Interested, I decided to give it a try, and as a result, give you guys a bit more info about how and why I got interested in Creepypasta, along with a few favorites of mine that I'll provide links to so that those who haven't read them or heard of them can. What can I say? I'm an enabler and my inner horror writer loves scaring the shit out of you guys...

Before I do that, a quick warning to those reading this blog entry before bed: DON'T FOLLOW THE LINKS unless you're sure you don't need sleep for at least two more hours. I'm serious. There is literally something to terrify everyone in the Creepypasta fandom, and It's very, very easy to end up somewhere reading something you REALLY do not appriciate reading before bed. You might be fine reading about Jane the Killer now, and that story about the Spongebob Lost Episode might not get to you at first, but these things have a sneaky, pernicious way of creeping into nightmares, especially if read before bedtime. Some of the stories can be quite gory or psychologically disturbing as well, so if you're freaked out by those things then tread lightly. And please, if you're the kind of person who knows they get scared easily and knows they have vivid nightmares based on things they've read or seen, don't follow the links before you go to sleep. Remember, they're only fiction, but that probably won't help when you're having terrible bad dreams about Slenderman watching you or the Rake having you for dinner or whatever, so be careful.

So, here's the list. The questions go in order of the way they were originally posted. Enjoy!

  1. What is your favorite Creepypasta?

    Oh man, I have quite a few favorites. I think one of my favorites has to be "The Russian Sleep Experiment", since it's not just a classic, but a very creepy classic. The gore in that case just adds to the creep factor, which is bad enough all on its own. I mean, what could be scarier than some dispassionate creep in a white labcoat watching as you slowly lose your mind from sleep deprivation, and yet still won't let you even as you beg him to let you sleep? Psych horror is deliciously scary, but it's one of the most utterly terrifying things in the world to me.

  2. Least Favorite Creepypasta?

    Least favorite creature, or story? My least favorite story would likely have to be "Psychosis", the one about the guy who gets an email concerning creatures that take over people's brains. It starts out very, very good as a good psych horror tale about someone going crazy from an email someone sent because he thinks everyone is controlled by the brain creatures. But then the story makes one very, very fatal mistake - it reveals that the guy was right all along. To me, the idea of going nuts from a damn email is way, WAY scarier than an actual parasite controlling your brain. That just drained the scary for me instead of enhancing it. My least favorite Creepypasta entity? Jeff the Killer. Sorry, but he's too much like a supernatural version of the Joker for me to fear him. I just don't find him very scary, not when I know all he wants to do is kill me. Death's scary, and so are serial killers, but they aren't that scary.

  3. Creepypasta That Scared You The Most?

    Oh God. Ooooohhhh God. Never, never, never read Slenderman stories before bed, when you know you live next to a forested area and some bike trails. Never, never, never. It's not the fact that Slendy's an eldritch being that scares me the most. It's the fact that it toys with your damn mind and is about growing paranoia. It could be breathing down your neck, and you wouldn't know until it decides to show itself to you, or you catch a glimpse somehow. And by then you're pretty much screwed. There's nothing scarier to me than a persistant stalker to me that not only just wants to see you suffer and maybe kill you or enslave you, but also embodies the perfect primal fear of the unknown. It's not just a visceral horror, it's a psychological horror, that special horror that you know something's out there waiting, and you can't escape it. Second runner up is "Chills", because the idea of having something behind you trail its fingers down your neck or breathe on you just makes me shiver.

  4. Which Character Can You Sympathize The Most With?

    Gonna be cliche and say every kid that gets taken by Slenderman. Poor kids. Not only were they stalked by the literal bogeyman, they were also treated to a world of psychological pain and fear no kid should ever have to go through. And you just know it ate the kids once it had them in its clutches. You. Just. Know.

  5. What Would You Do In The Presence Of Slenderman?

    Panic and run, then possibly blog about it and try to get some help from others in the same circumstance. Not that it'd help much.

  6. BEN Has Taken Over Your Computer!

    ... Welp. *unplugs laptop from wireless network, shuts it down, and takes a blowtorch to it* Sorry BEN, you're scary, but go find someone else to stalk. I hear Cleverbot knows a thing or two about you.

  7. What’s Your View Of Jeff The Killer?

    A bit overrated, just because he seems like every other supernatural killer out there. He's just doing it while looking sort of like the Joker on a bad day. Although he's *hilarious* in the Webcomic Pasta Monsters, which all of you should read right now.

  8. How about Jane the Killer?

    Even more overrated. She's really just the Jason to Jeff's Freddy, so I don't have much interest in her.

  9. Which Pastas Do You Find Best?

    Ones that have elements of psychological horror, insanity, and things man was not meant to know about... Same way I like all my horror. Also, I think the "Haunted/Cursed Game/Show/Movie" pastas are fascinating to read, but not scary.

  10. What Was Your First Pasta Experience?

    First Creepypasta... probably "Lavender Town Syndrome". I wasn't that scared, but I did wonder for a bit if it was real... until I did the research. I don't remember which one got me into Creepypasta as a fandom, but I wanna say Pokemon Creepypasta in general. I was looking for information for my Let's Play of Pokemon Creepypasta this year and found the Creepypasta Wiki. I read a lot, starting with the Pokemon Creepypastas and then edging over into Slenderman pastas, and by the time I'd finished the LP I was a convert.

  11. Most Recent Creepypasta You Read?

    Most recent as of this writing? A story called "Suit", and there are way too many with that particular name. As you'd think, it's a Slenderman Creepypasta. The concept at the end is great, although it really could have used some work in the build-up department. But the idea of Slendy being pissed that someone's running around dressed up like it just works for some reason.

  12. Have You…Spread The Word?

    I just did.

  13. Who WAS Phone?

    Slenderman. Slenderman was phone, obviously. Which means that Ur Honey is either a Proxy, Slendy's illegitimate love child, or both.

  14. Something Is Making A Noise In The Kitchen…You?

    Grab a baseball bat and flashlight, and sheepishly investigate. If it's a Creepypasta monster I'm done living on this planet. If it's my cat, then I will cuddle my cat. ^w^

  15. Where You Get Your Creepypasta Nightmare Fuel?

    Slenderman fan films, mostly. The good ones, that is. Protip, go watch the fan film "Proxy". It's excellently creepy! I also get nightmare fuel from Fridge Logic. For example, I literally whimpered softly in fear when I realized the other implications behind why Marble Hornets referred to Slendy as "The Operator". It's because not only does it basically "operate" the characters in that series for its own purposes, it also, depending on what stories you read, operates in the other sense of the word. On you. And puts your organs in plastic bags. ;-;

  16. The WORST Creepypasta You’ve EVER Read?

    Three words: WHO WAS PHONE? But I enjoyed it because it was meant to be stupid. I usually find something to like in just about every Creepypasta I've read, but that's probably because I haven't read anything that makes me go, "Really? Just... really?"

  17. …And Then A Skeleton Popped Out!


  18. Favorite Creepypasta Creature?

    ... Like you people reading this don't already know.

  19. BRVR Knows You’re Lying!

    Well, I know that BRVR's lying! So there! Stupid rat. *throws out GameCube and copy of Pokemon Channel*

  20. View Point on Zalgo?

    H̵̜͔ͦ̔̔͒ͤE̙͔̞̱̘̙̋͒ͨ̉̉ͥ̋̓̚͝ ͊̎̋ͬ͏̳̘̪͉̜̺͞C͋͏̭̟̹̪̩̖͟Ǒ̵͎͉̖͙̦ͪ̓ͣ̎̈́͞Mͮ̌͛̉̏҉̵͓̱͔͎̰̥̭E̴̢̠͉̫̣̹ͩ̊̔̈́͌͂̀̋͝S̢͎̥̺̬͉̯̩͖̓ͪͩ͒ͦ̿͗̑͘.̴̪̰̥͙̬̥ͨ͋ͨ̃ͮ̃ͭ͝

  21. View Point on The Rake?

    He and everything else that comes from a forest creeps me out. Including deer. Yes. Deer. They stare at you with big black eyes... Why does everything that lives in a forest just stare at you? Seriously? Also, I want to see Slendy and the Rake fight each other. It would be badass. But whoever wins, we lose.

  22. Jeff Has Made You His New Target…What Are You To Do?

    Buy a gun and go down swinging.

  23. Song That Just Intensifies Your Creepypasta Experience?

    This. T^T No lies, when I first listened to that song, my computer's screen decided that was an appropriate moment to have the GUI glitch on me. I sat in the corner and cried for five minutes.

  24. Which Creepypasta Characters Could You See Being Best Friends?

    Oh boy. I can see Jeff and SmileDog getting along well. I can also see Masky and Hoody getting along well with other Proxies. It's like one big happy, scary, slender-enslaved family that steals your meds and watches you while you sleep.

  25. SmileDog or Grinny?

    SmileDog. Grinny's cute and I love cats, but no. Sorry. SmileDog was first. You wait your turn, you miserable little meowing bastard. And go read Pasta Monsters right the fuck now. Seriously, it's awesome.

  26. Which Creepypasta Should Be Made Into A Movie?

    Really, any Creepypasta that follows in the footsteps of things like "Psychosis" and "The Russian Sleep Experiment". I would also watch a film about the SCP Foundation in a heartbeat. It'd be like Ghostbusters but with more scary.

  27. What’s This? Someone Sent You An .AVI File? Wonder What It Is.

    NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE. *deletes* Not unless I know where it's from.

  28. You Shouldn’t Have Done That!

    Fuck off BEN I'm not talking to you.

  29. Something You Would Tell To Someone New To Creepypasta?

    Read all of it before bed. I promise it won't give you nightmares at all! *evil grin*

  30. Anything Else You Want To Say? If Not, Write Me A Short Creepypasta.

    There is still no damn reason to ship Slendy with humans or to ship Creepypasta beasts at all, really what the fuck is wrong with you people?

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