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Update Teim Is Nao, Yes? :3

Posted on September 24, 2012 at 7:30 PM

Okay, so good news for those poetry fans in the audience, because I've finally gotten the time to update both of my poetry sections (original and fanfic) to include some new poems. About, oh, fifteen of them. XD Thirteen new, original poems have been put under the Poetry section, and the Fanpoetry section now has a new category for poetry with two brand spanking new fandom poems for you to read. Up for some Doctor Who poetry? Allonz-y! :3

As for the fanfic side of things, anyone notice anything new in the Batman category under the Fanfiction section? That's right - I have a new short vignette called Awaken up for your reading pleasure, and if you haven't read it, you really should. Please? It would make me all warm and fuzzy inside if you did. ^w^

In more recent news, I have recently re-found my once AWOL horror muse in a rather interesting place - Creepypasta! Specifically, in Marble Hornets and the Slenderman Mythos proper. Hello, Terror, I missed you badly and Sleep was getting in my way anyhow. So yes, after a very, very, very long and painful absence, Slendy came along and finally tentacle-bitch-slapped my latent horror writer upside the head. Thank you, Slendy. This means that I have, oh, about two new Slenderman Mythos stories on the way - they're actually all written up and edited, and will be typed and ready to publish shortly. I'd love to say that I'm going to get both stories up by the end of October, but with my schedule as busy as it is I don't know when I'll have time to begin typing the final draft. What I will say about them right now is this:

  1. While both of the stories are in the same Mythos, neither story is within the universe of any Slenderblog/vlog, Slenderfic, or Slenderfilm that currently exists. Neither story exists in the universe of the indie game Slender either, but I suppose my Slendy could be the same Slendy as in that game.
  2. Neither of the stories have the same exact interpretation of the main antagonist, but both have little twists and interpretations from what I've come to see as my version of what Slendy is.
  3. One of the stories plays the tropes, legends, and abilities surrounding Slendy scarily straight, and covers if it's indeed possible to kill him. It's even written in a journal-like format.
  4. The other story is much less mainstream as far as Slenderstories go, and is taken from Slendy's POV rather than from a human character's.

All of my Slenderfic from now on (assuming I write more) will go under the Fanfiction Section here, but will be posted on FictionPress. This is because the only place to put Slenderfic on FFN is under the Marble Hornets category, despite there being like umpteen bajillion other Slenderman Mythos web series, not to mention all the hundreds of blogs out there. Another reason it's all going to be on FictionPress is because I'll get a wider, and hopefully more mature audience out there than I would on FFN. Not that you MH fans are immature, but when almost all of the M-rated Slendy fics in that section are porn, I just know that any Slenderfics I rate M for stronger themes will get buried by piles of Masky/Hoody slash and Slendy/Tim Lemonfic, and if you think I'm going to deal with that, no. Just. No. No. That, and neither story has anything to do with Marble Hornets anyway, so I'd just feel really iffy about putting my fics there. So yeah - from now on, any Slenderfic or Creepypasta fic I write will be published over on FictionPress, but will go under the Fanfiction category, since it's technically a fandom anyway. There's even a wiki for this stuff, people. A goddamned wiki.

Now, don't worry, Bat-fans, this doesn't mean I'm abandoning Jokerfic for Slenderfic. I will write both. I promise I won't leave anyone high and dry in regards to the Bat-fandom - hell, I still have, what, like five story ideas I want to write, some of which have been waiting for years to get done. And you know me - I never let a good idea go to waste. Just because I'm a bit hyped up with my newfound fandom doesn't mean I'm going to let go of the Joker. How could I? He's just so much fun to love to hate, and with a character like him, the possibilities really are endless. Expect some new Jokerfic from me sometime within the next year - again, I'd love to say "the next few months", but I just can't guarantee I'll even have time to type up anything I write. I have plenty of time between classes to write this stuff, it's just that I need to find time to edit and type it in order to get the final product to you guys. I really do appreciate how patient you're being with me, and I promise - I will more than make it up to you guys. :3

In other news, I keep using the :3 emote a lot. Why do I keep using the :3 emote a lot? What purpose does the emote :3 even serve? Human faces can't even go like :3. So maybe I should stop using it.



Damn it!

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Reply Cat
8:04 PM on September 27, 2012 
Aw, cuz :3 emote is such a cutie :3
Hello! i'm Anto, how've ya been? i just was in DA and then a friend post a draw of a ff ( i'm really not much the ff type..or well, i was XD, cuz she did such an amazing job, and i get curious..) so, i go to fanfiction.net and read the fic she recommended me, and then i start reading some other of batman ( yeah, know i LOVE ff) and i give with "dreaming" and holy shit, it was so cute, i didn't know you do SUCH a good writing, i mean, you are really really good XD
Keep doing more puleseeee.
Heck, know i'm a ff fan XD :3 (yeah, i luv that emote too)
Reply Cat
8:23 PM on September 27, 2012 
Ohh, btw, have you an account on DA? i'd like to add you to my watchers, and i'd love to do some draws of your ff ( well, of course if you want and allow me to do so xd)
My DA account is http://catgroove7.deviantart.com/, would be so glad if you visit =)
Reply Sugary Snicket
10:51 PM on September 30, 2012 
Hey you. :3

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad my fanfiction got you interested in fanfic to begin with. You'll quickly find that while 95% of it is crap, the other 5% is well worth the slog through the bog of monotony and terrible stories. And I plan on writing more Jokerfic. Lots more. I hope you enjoy some of my original stuff too, and my poetry, if that's your thing. I update when I get new stuff posted. :)

I do not have a dA account. I did at one point, but there was just too much drama to continue wanting to be there. Too many trolls, too much drama. Not fun.
Reply Cat
8:49 PM on October 1, 2012 
No need to thanks , my pleasure XD really.
Good you'll be doing more! hehe and i 'd totally read some of your other stuff too.
it's a shame you don't have a da :( well, i can go to fanfiction.net anyway :P
Had you visited my DA? i wanna know if you allow me to do a draw of some of your ff pleaseee :3
well, right know i'm a little short of time, but when a i found some free time i'd totally love to, pleasee XD
Reply Sugary Snicket
12:29 AM on October 3, 2012 
Cat says...
i wanna know if you allow me to do a draw of some of your ff pleaseee :3

You're completely allowed to draw fanart of any of my stories. :3 I love it when people get interested enough in my stories to draw something for them. All I ask is that you please link back to my website and to the fanfic in question though in the description for your fanart when you post it on dA.